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Ekua Ellie Learns To Enjoy Mealtimes

Ekua Ellie was a fun-loving and happy elephant who loved to eat. She ate and ate and ate! She guzzled down food from the moment she woke up in the morning until she closed her eyes at night.

Ekua the elephant eating leaves - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

Sometimes she would even fall asleep while she was in the middle of eating, with food spilling out of her mouth! Whenever you saw her, she was munching on something.

Munch munch crunch crunch - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

Ekua Ellie would rather eat than be with her friends. She would sit along the swamp where the others would have mud fights and she would use her trunk to look for food.

Trunch sketch with mud - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

Her trunk could always be heard sniffing up the bark of trees or, worming its way through thorny bushes.

Every day she became less and less interested in playing with her friends. She didn’t play with anyone anymore, choosing to sit under the trees and eat while Leeto, Loba, Bumani and Raimi had fun together.

Milk Toast and Apple - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

This was becoming a big problem for Ekua. Nobody wanted to sit with her at lunch because they were worried she would eat their lunch too!

Soon her friends knew better than to carry any food on them or bring their lunch anywhere near Ekua. They knew that if they did, she would snatch it from them. She would use her big long trunk and suck it right out of their paws in one big

Shlooooooooooop!! - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes
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