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Ekua Ellie Learns To Enjoy Mealtimes

Eaten apple, milk & bread crumbs -  Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

Ekua Ellie who was once a happy and friendly elephant, became lonely. She had become so big from eating too much that she couldn’t keep up with her friends, even if she tried. She began to spend her days alone, eating.

Bushes Sketch - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

One day, feeling rather sad, she sat watching her friends from behind some bushes. She watched them for a long time, remembering the days when she was happy too. She noticed that there was something different about them.

Childrens Roundabout Sketch - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

She saw them play and laugh and have fun. She saw them jump and roll around on the ground wrestling each other in fits of laughter. But then she noticed the most important thing. Her friends only ate three meals a day.

One, two, three - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

They ate their breakfast in the morning when they woke up, stopped for lunch and then went home for dinner. Sometimes, if they walked far or did more running and jumping they would enjoy a small snack with their water, but they certainly never ate

All the time - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

Ekua Ellie, didn’t want to miss out on any more fun. She wanted to look after her body too! So she decided she would stop eating everything in her sight and eat only enough to give her body energy at meal times.

Cutlery Sketch - Ekua Eli learns to enjoy mealtimes

She learnt to enjoy mealtimes which meant she could also enjoy play time with her friends. She learnt that eating healthy food when your body needs it is so important and that eating too much, ALL THE TIME, can be bad for you.

From that day on, Ekua began to eat 3 healthy meals a day packed with fruit and vegetables. Her favourite meal of the day was lunch! And not just because it had her favourite vegetables in it, but because it was enjoyed with all her special friends.


Can you guess what Ekua Ellie’s favourite vegetable is?
What are the three main meals we eat in a day called?
What’s your favourite?

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