If every child’s food journey is different, how do you choose
what’s right for your little one?

You start by feeding them nourishing meals to help them grow up strong.

Quality nutrients you
can trust for your child

At Squish we don’t compromise on quality and ensure our products are free from preservatives, colourants, flavourings, added cane sugar and allergens (excluding our Squish Yogi range which contains cow’s milk). The health of your baby is our number one priority.


Squish pouches are here to make nourishing snacks and meals easy for you and fun for your little ones to enjoy at home or on the go. They are designed to be the perfect portion size and fit easily into a handbag, backpack, picnic basket or nappy bag.

Benefits of Squish Juices

Our juices are made from whole fruit and veg, not from concentrate.

100% Juice made from only fruit and vegetables
100% Preservative free