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Raimi Rhino’s Long Walk Home

“Yes” agreed Ekua, “And I wish we had eaten that delicious vegetable stew! Maybe if we had, we wouldn’t be so TIRED and so HUNGRY”

Potjie pot - Raimi Rhino’s Long Walk Home

They both began to feel sleepy and started to drift off. It was the sound of their grumbling tummies

Grumble! Grumble! - Raimi Rhino’s Long Walk Home

that woke them up with a big fright!

All of a sudden Ekua sat up with excitement. She remembered he had some left over apples and carrots in her school backpack that her mom had packed.

Apple and Carrots - Raimi Rhino’s Long Walk Home

She pulled out her lunch box and they both began munching on carrots and apples, barely looking up at each other between bites.

And before they knew it their tummies were full and their energy returned. They got up, shook off the mud and walked the rest of the way home.

Lightning Zaps - Raimi Rhino’s Long Walk Home

Raimi Rhino and Ekua Ellie learnt a very important lesson. They learnt that food is very important to fuel our bodies and make us strong. When we jump, and play and go on adventures in the park, we need healthy fruit and vegetables to give our bodies the energy they need to work.

Park playground slide sketch - Raimi Rhino’s Long Walk Home


What vegetables do you like to eat to give your body energy?
What is your favourite thing to eat when you go on long adventures with mommy?

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