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The Buffalo Who Liked To Eat Alone

Bomani was used to piling food on his plate, worried there wouldn’t be enough for him. He was just about to dish up a huge mound of food, when he noticed Leeto and his family take their time and help one another by passing bowls around the table.

Ladel - The Buffalo Who Liked To Eat Alone

He saw how they all had plenty of food on their plates. But more than that, he noticed how happy they all were to be together.

Instead of wolfing down his food in a hurry, Bomani learned to eat slowly, taking small bites. He was surprised to see he enjoyed chatting to Leeto in between bites of delicious vegetable stew and fried beans.

Wooden Spoon - The Buffalo Who Liked To Eat Alone

Every night Leeto and his family would have turns to share something special with everyone. They would go around the table and share something about their day or what they were most thankful for.

Then Leeto’s dad would tell one of his favourite jokes and all the kids would laugh until their bellies hurt.

Heeeeeee Haahahahhahhhaaaaa! - The Buffalo Who Liked To Eat Alone

Leeto and his family taught Bomani that food is so much better when we enjoy it with friends and family.

When we eat yummy, healthy food with those we care about, it does more that just feed our tummies, it feeds our souls and makes our hearts happy.

Plates - The Buffalo Who Liked To Eat Alone

From that day on, Bomani ate dinner with his family around the kitchen table. And every night when it was his turn to share he always said the same thing:

“I am thankful for good food, but even more thankful for my family who I get to share it with!”


Who do you eat your dinner with every night?
What do you like to to talk about?

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