Quick + Easy Recipes


Veggie-packed Cottage Pie

A fibre and protein-filled texture feast.

1 x 110ml Squish 100% Apple, Sweet Potato + Sweetcorn Puree
1 x 110ml Squish 100% Mixed Vegetable Puree
500g plant, chicken or beef mince.
1 small onion, chopped
1 carrot or courgette, grated
2-3 cups mashed potato
Fry onion in a little oil, add plant mince and seasoning and cook until just brown
Add puree and vegetables.
Simmer for five minutes.
Allow to cool.
Load small freezer safe containers with mince then add a layer of mashed potato. Freeze.

Instead of adding the Squish 100% Mixed Vegetable Puree while cooking, smooth it over mince before topping with mash – or mix it into the mash.